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SCHURMANN'S WORK At 24 he founded a musical journal for he felt that too much flimsy and worthless music was being published and he wished to encourage a more serious way of looking at the art. When he came across any fine piece of music he wrote a glorious article about it and by doing so he helped to forward the careers of the young Mendelssohn and Chopin. After time however, Schumann began to develop delusions. At the age of 46 he threw himself into the Rhine River. He was rescued by boaters but had to spend the rest of his life in a mental home. Among Schumann's works are 4 Symphonies and other Orchestral Compositions, 3 String Quartets and other chamber music, and a great quantity of piano music, many songs, and a good deal of Choral music. Schumann died in 1856. [AW] {JO}

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