PIANO KEYS From the Latin word "scala" (ladder), we get the term scale, which is any eight notes, played consecutively up or down starting and ending on the same note. The distance between two notes on a piano keyboard is called an interval, and when it comes to intervals there are two types: the tone and the semitone, or the wholestep and the halfstep. Different combinations of these intervals will determine if the scale should be major or minor, and adjusts the scales to different keynotes. For example a scale of major distinction in the key of C has no black keys in it. A scale in F however uses a B flat, so a different interval is required to keep the scale major. When an interval is altered by using a black key, if the semitone is higher in pitch, we call the raised note an accidental sharp. If the interval goes down the term used here is flat. [AW] {JO}

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