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BUFFY ST. MARIE The summer of love had ended. 1969 and the rise and fall of the rock industry had now 10 years of existence. The key in any service industry is to keep the content consistently interesting, which means when the listeners change themselves or the style of music which is in at the time begins to sound repeated, the marketers behind the industry look for other ways to pull in a new, interested, and broader audience. Since the break-up of the Beatles, many of the practising musicians of the day became quite alarmed. The creation of their work was an inspiration to many musicians who now faced a savage and commercialised work-field without their mentors. Due to this there was a drop in actual performance of musical acts and this was replaced with P.A. systems and dance music. Despite drastic changes in the music industry Canadian musician Buffy St. Marie has continued performing for several decades. [AW] {NR}

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