The Solar System

Click here for more! The solar system is defined as the sun and all the objects that orbit the sun. We usually think just of the sun, the moon, and the nine planets, but there are many other objects to consider including asteroids, comets and the moons of other planets. The radius of the solar system is roughly 100 A.U. which is the distance at which the solar wind meets the interstellar medium. However, some comets have highly eccentric orbits that range out as far as 50,000 A.U. (An Astronomical Unit is the average distance between the Sun and the Earth, or about 149,600,000 km.)
The sun contains 99.85% of all the mass in the solar system, which is roughly 2X1030 kg. That's about 2 trillion trillion trillion tonnes! The solar system is located on the inner edge of a spiral arm of a very average galaxy, the Milky Way.
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